About Us

I’m Lucy Vanwerp, and kickstarterrockstars.com is my blog. I love writing, but I also love working with writers to help them take their work further. I take on clients for one-to-one mentoring or editorial support, and you can join my teaching/community on this site.

Kickstartersrockstars.com covers the art, craft, and business of writing (both fiction and non-fiction). You’ll find specific tips and techniques and more motivational content.

I share even more in-depth content on this site, which is a teaching and community site for writers. It includes self-study e-courses, monthly seminars, lots of extra goodies, and friendly forums where you can chat with me and other members.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, make time to write: you can find out about it (and a bunch of other freebies) here.

My husband and I live in Colorado with our 5-year-old son. In my free time, write blog posts, non-fiction ebooks, and fiction, other writing tips for various blogs