How Dotan Saguy Raised $142,346+ with the Smarter Stand for iPad on Kickstarter

When I interviewed Dotan about 3 weeks ago, the Smarter Stand for iPad had raised more than $77,000.

3 weeks later and with 5 days to go, it is at $142,346.

This interview has some of the best tips on what you need to focus on when launching a Kickstarter project and how it all started for Dotan.

What you will learn from this interview:

  • How Dotan got his idea, how he found someone to do a 3D modeling and have his first prototype within a few days
  • Tips on creating his video sequence and video script (He had never done it before)
  • How he found a team to help him shoot the video professionally and how much it cost
  • Dotan’s unconventional approach to pre-launch marketing and why it works
  • What kind of patent do you need for a Kickstarter project if you have a product and how it works
  • An experience that was better than passing his $10,000 funding goal in 24 hours 
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How Eric Mann Persevered Over 3 Fail Projects on Kickstarter and Raised Over $20K in His Last 2 Projects Combined

Eric is a high school teacher with an entrepreneur spirit and his perseverance is nothing but an inspiration.

He had launched a total of 5 Kickstarter projects, the first 3 did not reach the funding goals. He then launched 2 projects around the same time recently, got both project funded and raised more than $20,000+ combined.

ZenFire is sand garden of fire for your backyard. (Funding will end today Mar 12th!) – ‪

Bendi is a flexible iPad stand with a bendable arm which allows you to position your iPad however clash of clans hack you want. (Also work for other tablet devices, not just for iPad) -

This is what you will learn from this interview:

  • What Eric learned from the 3 projects that fell short of his funding goals
  • Why he launched two projects in an unrelated niche at around the same time
  • Despite of managing two projects and still got both of them funded
  • How he came up with his product ideas
  • Eric walked us through step by step of how he prototype ZenFire and Bendi so las vergas carpet cleaning you will know what you need to prototype a produc
  • Eric’s biggest take away on launching a project on Kickstarter or on any crowd funding websites

Here is the interview:

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How Andy Davis Raised $41,347 on Kickstarter to Make His Album Plus Live Performance of His Original Song “Capital Letters”

Here is Andy’s Kickstarter project video:

Singer /Songwriter, Andy Davis, runs his music career like a veteran entrepreneur and combines it with his song writing talent and a great voice, its no wonder why he is the #2 most funded project in the Music, Indie Rock category and raised $41,347 in only 30 days on Kickstarter.

No matter dragon city hack tool if you are singer, artist or an brave frontier hack tool entrepreneur, you will need to built a fan base, test your music/product in the market to see if there is any demand and focus on working on your craft

Andy shares how he achieve all of these and in this case study interview you will learn:

-How Andy build his fan base and how he collect email address from fans
-How big was his fan base before he launched his project on Kickstarter
-His mindset on how he created his video to ask for money from his supporters
-What preparations did he do before launch
-His biggest takeaway of how to be successful as an independent artist (also apply for entrepreneurs brave frontier hack tool and startups

Here is the interview:

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How Shannon and Kristin Use Crowd Funding to Raised $64,246 and Launched Their Startup

Here is Shannon and Kristin’s Kickstarter project video:

This is one of the most inspiring video I’ve seen on Kickstarter and they didn’t even say a single word in this video!

Crowd Funding on Kickstarter helped Shannon and Kristin to not only raised the funds they need for their startup, they also used Kickstarter as a platform to reach out and expand their thriving community whom supports their product.

Here is the interview video where they shared how they did it.

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How a Passionate Photographer Raised $13,923 For His Project Funding On Kickstarter

Here is Julian’s Kickstarter project video:

Julian already had a lot of really great photos which help his video stands out, which definitly makes a difference for his project funding on Kickstarter hi slut

Below is the interview where he shared how to raise money with Kickstarter from start to finish.

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How Josh and June Raised $54,943 on Kickstarter To Create an Awesome Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Here is Josh and June’s Kickstarter project video:

During the interview inflatable rentals pensacola fl below, I asked Josh and June brave frontier hack tool what was the mindset and focus when they were creating this video

They said one word, “FUN!” and as you can see, it totally reflect from their project video.

Check out how they raised $54,943 in 30 days on Kickstarter from start to finish.

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Pet Photographer Shares How “1000 pugs” Reached $9,636 in 36 Hours on Kickstarter

Amanda Bradshaw’s Kickstarter project video:

I thought its a really engaging video with so many people involve and it kept brave frontier hack tool me wondering, where is this crazy pet photographer? top 11 hack

Amanda’s raised $15,452 in total when her campaign finished.  Here is the interview where pensacola title pawn she shared how she successfully reached her funding goal in 36 cheap ghd hours

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